The Faculty Workload and Rewards Project

The Faculty Workload and Rewards Project is an NSF ADVANCE funded, collaborative, action research project. Academic department teams study their own workload data, consider and then adopt policies and practices to ensure equity in how teaching and service is taken up, assigned, and rewarded. Drawing on research and theory from social psychology and organizational management, this project provides an evidence-based structure for learning how equity issues arise, using data to inform new organizational policies and practices, developing consensus around department priorities, and evaluating progress toward department workload objectives.

In the first phase of the project (2015-2018) we worked with 30 academic departments in NC, MD and MA (half as control departments, half participating in our interventions). In the second phase of the project, the FWRP team is working with an additional 20 academic departments (2018-2019). We have begun to disseminate our findings through research articles, editorials, presentations, and video. On this website you will find resources and information we can share about what we have learned so far.

O'Meara, K., Culpepper, D., Misra, J. & Jaeger, A. (2020, January 8th). Equity-Minded Faculty Workloads: What we Can and Should do Now. Washington-DC. ACE Report.