On this page we will provide resources on studying and reforming faculty workload and rewards.

Project PI KerryAnn O’Meara has released a new TIAA-CREF paper:

O’Meara, K. (2015, December). Flexible Workplace Agreements: Enabling Higher Education’s Strategic Advantage. TIAA-CREF Working Paper. Washington, D.C.


Press Coverage of Work Completed on Service Dashboards at the University of Maryland:

Roberta Kwok. (July 30, 2015). To Serve or Not to Serve. Nature, Volume 253, 627-629.


Research on work-time inequality by Massachusetts State Leader and Sociologist Joya Misra and colleagues:

Joya Misra, Jennifer Lundquist, Elissa Dahlberg Holmes, and Stephanie Agiomavritis. “The Ivory Ceiling of Service Work.” Academe. 97(1): 22-26. (see also this report in Inside Higher Education on the research)

Joya Misra, Abby Templer, and Jennifer Lundquist. 2012. “Gender, Work-Time, and Care Responsibilities among Faculty.”  Sociological Forum. 29(2): 300-323.

Joya Misra, Abby Templer, and Jennifer Lundquist. 2010. Work-Time, Housework, Carework, and Work-Life Balance.