The Faculty Workload and Rewards Project

Research, Writing, and Resources from Project Leaders

FWRP Papers, Reports and Webinars:

Misra, J., Kuvaeva, A., O’meara, K., Culpepper, D. K., & Jaeger, A. (2021). Gendered and racialized perceptions of faculty workloads. Gender & Society, 35(3), 358-394.

O'Meara, K., Beise, E., Culpepper, D., Misra, J., & Jaeger, A.J., (2021). Workload considerations in academic program review: An opportunity to advance equity. University of Maryland.

ACE Webinar, January 13, 2021.

O'Meara, K., Culpepper, D., Misra, J. & Jaeger, A. (2020, January 8th). Equity-Minded Faculty Workloads: What we Can and Should do Now. Washington-DC. ACE Report.

Webinar: Intractable Challenges in Faculty Workload, November 18, 2019. (PW: FWRP)

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Culpepper, D., Kilmer, S., O'Meara, K., Misra, J., & Jaeger, A.J. (2020). The Terrapin Time Initiative: A workshop to enhance alignment between faculty work priorities and time-use. Innovative Higher Education. doi:

Project PI KerryAnn O’Meara on how faculty work is taken up, assigned, and rewarded:

O’Meara, K. (2018, May). The Hallway Ask. Inside Higher Ed.

O’Meara, K. (2018, June). Undoing the Can of Worms. Inside Higher Ed.

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Research on work-time inequality by Massachusetts State Leader and Sociologist Joya Misra and colleagues:

Joya Misra, Jennifer Lundquist, Elissa Dahlberg Holmes, and Stephanie Agiomavritis. “The Ivory Ceiling of Service Work.” Academe. 97(1): 22-26. (see also this report in Inside Higher Education on the research)

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Joya Misra, Abby Templer, and Jennifer Lundquist. 2010. Work-Time, Housework, Carework, and Work-Life Balance.

Press Resources:

Flaherty, C. (2018, January). Evening Things Out. Inside Higher Ed.